Ah guess ya'll can ask me anythin'.






Oh. My. God.


Yes. Yes. Yes.


!!! I already did it with the twins way back!!


I guess i do it for Neo now!! Or the revamped twins.

psst i did this

but i think i want to do a fancier less shitty version, also klaes

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Would you draw Lucas as a Disney princess?


[idk if you were asking for one specifically?? but?? he’s real similar to ariel

like really similar

r e a l l y]

"Believe me, Grim, when I find the right one, I’ll know. Without a doubt, it’ll just, bam, hit me—like lightning!"

"I'd tap that ass."

Deniel grinned. “Yer a cutie, Olivia; an’ ah’d sure as hell have t’buy ya dinner first. Yer birthday’s comin’ up, ain’t it?” He smiled. “If y’don’t have any plans, ah’d be happy t’ take you out to celebrate. Open offer.”

(from Dani) "I'd tap that."

"Just so, darlin’," Deniel replied, "you got a set a’ curves ah’d sure love t’get my hands on."

Scott: "I would totally NOT fuck you!"

Deniel smirked and raked his gaze up and down the other’s figure. “Yeah,” he drawled, reaching one hand out to run a finger right down the center of Scott’s chest, “You just keep tellin’ yerself that.”

(jfc. tonight in this blog: sexual Deniel’s triumphant and v southern return)

"I-I'd totally.. f-f-f--" That's as far as Warper gets before his face turns bright red and he walks quickly off in the other direction.

A knowing grin was pasted on Deniel’s face as Warper beat a hasty retreat. Without an ounce of shame, he enjoyed the view. “Hate t’ see you go, darlin’,” he drawled, “but love t’ watch ya leave!”

"I'd totally fuck you"

"Damn straight ya would!" Deniel said, grinning. They brofisted. Then made out.

valentines from the boys

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